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** SOLD **

To Kerryn Blackshaw

15th November 2011


Arabianoro In-Vogue   x   Musabelle

"Legend" is a Registered Part Bred Light Bay Arabian Gelding purchased in early May 2010.  He is approximately  15.2 hh,  8 years old, is extremely easy to handle and light to riding aids. 
Legend" spent 5 ½ years, prior to his purchase, as a Pony Club mount, where he enjoyed success as Champion in the Handy Mount ring for two years, and runner up the year before. 

"Legend" is a genuine All-Rounder and will be utilized accordingly. He may do some endurance but will not be prepared / trained specifically for endurance, but, will be engaged in a variety of ridden disciplines by a few riders.
"Legend" successfully completed a Social Ride of 15Klms at the Kilmore VERA ride on the 23rd July 2011 with good Heart Rates.

A.E.R.A. Blue Novice Horse Log Book A4087

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** SOLD **

To Robin Gossip

19th August 2011

Aloha Apostrophe   x   Amber Aly (USA) ID 473235

Superstition is a very correct and functional mare who had been trained to saddle when she was younger.

"Super" will start conditioning & re-training  to commence endurance in 2012

Measured on the 25th July 2011 ~ 15hh

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** SOLD **

To Russell Robinson


Clovelly Park Kazeem   x   Clovelly Park Tamara

Shazeem "Shaz" is a purebred gelding, genuine 15.2hh and both his Sire and dam have competed in endurance with good success.

"Shazeem" has inherited his sires good recoveries. He arrived 3rd February 2012 having already successfully completed a number of training Rides in 2011.

"Shazeem" will continue his training in line with the Stud Goal. The emphasis to date has been with his "On Ground" training & building his trust/confidence.

 "Shazeem" is overweight at present so mid 2013 will see the emphasis on his conditioning & preparation with the view to considering Endurance in later 2013.


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AHSA Extended Pedigree & Details

A.E.R.A. Blue Novice Horse Log Book : CLO33429




ACE Life Number 14144-04-V

Microchip: 00-064D-563D


** SOLD **

To Allison Whitney

30th April 2012

Embassador (0594 AWSHA)   x   Robian Cressida (AHSA F13401)

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ACE Extended Pedigree & Details

ACE Conformation 70.50%      ACE Movement 76.00%     ACE Overall 73.25%

 (15.3hh Measured 17th April 2012 , 7 YO)

Embassador” was ACE Premier Sire of 2003 – by Grand Prix dressage and Eventing Stallion “Adlerstein” (one of the original WB sires imported to Australia, descendants are sought after but rarer), out of an A grade mare.

Her Dam was Robian Cressida (Purebred Arabian mare) Sire: Fairview Touch of Class & Dam: Fairview Amira Shafeeka

 “Chelsea” is also half-sister to the successful AWHA mare “Edenhope Elektra”.

“Chelsea” is ready to train in any discipline, has had outings to club, navigation rides and been trail ridden/taken out and about.

Suitable for dressage and is a good eventing sort. She is not worried by most obstacles that have been tried and she is elegant / flamboyant with a big elevated stride.

 She is forward and responsive off seat with a sensitive nature and is a willing worker.

 She needs consistency and an experienced rider who can impart confidence / education to bring out her potential.

“Chelsea” was purchased to be part of my team &  through no fault of hers’,  circumstances have changed.

I need to reduce the team and concentrate on a few Arabian purebred geldings.

“Chelsea” just returned to the farm on the 27th March 2012 after 6 weeks professional ridden education.

She had not been ridden much in the months prior to the above period but she has been ridden on her return to the farm.

A real “diamond in the rough” waiting for the right rider to reveal her true potential.


  Warrawee Serenade


** SOLD **

To Emma Collins




      Bandomol     x     Warrawee I'm A Dazzlah

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Chestnut filly out of "Warrawee I'm a Dazzlah"  and by the wonderful Bandomol - Purchased April 2013.

She is one of only a few "Bandomol" AHSA S10113  purebred fillies bred. A really outstanding temperament. She had been backed prior to her purchase and she will require work to finish her ridden education.

"Serenade" has Cosmetic scars on both rear cannons after a disagreement with the fence shortly after her arrival at Imoan Arabians (May 2013). "Serenade" is an excellent doer, strong, short coupled filly with a burst of speed.

Her Dam "Warrawee I'm a Dazzlah" is a Full Sister to the Successful Performance Gelding

“Warrawee Naaziq (AU)" 

*    Racetrack Winner

*    1st Junior & BC Buchan Endurance Ride 2016

Currently carrying extra weight  "Serenade" (above) & "Senioreeta" have been placed on a restricted diet from March 2016.

AHSA Extended Pedigree & Details



  Warrawee Senioreeta


** SOLD **

To Grant Phillips



7 YO  ~ 15.2hh

(Photo: Sharon Meyers)

 Warrawee Deecor     x     Warrawee Katareenah


"Reeta" Produced a Tall Chestnut Colt 9th October 2017 - the Last Foal by  "Shouie"

                               After birth                                                                                      Later in the day


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"Senioreeta" has Dual Registration with:

*   The Arabian Horse Society (AWF822)  

       *   The A.C.E. Group (A.C.E. 18245-10-V)   


Genotyping Results - CA Clear (Test Double Negative)

"Senioreeta" - Arabian Warmblood filly by "Warrawee Deecor" out of  "Warrawee Katareenah" - Anglo Mare by Trystan Bobbi Dazzlah.

A big moving, athletic mare - she was allowed to "settle into" her new surroundings before commencing her training.

Half sister to superstar under saddle “Warrawee Mardee Gras” ACE registered.

"Reeta" turned 7 YO (Late December 2017) and in July 2016 she was ~ 15.2+hh.  She has a very confident temperament & learns quickly.

"Reeta" has NO prior saddle training & represents an ideal "Blank Canvas" with lots of potential as a ridden horse.

"Reeta" is a Proven Brood Mare with "Sought After" Warrawee Bloodlines.

"Reeta" "Can Really Move" & with the "Dedicated Experienced Time / Work" she will realize her potential.

Resting Heart Rates (21st June 2015) ~ 31 bpm and should go lower (Dependant on relaxed situation).

“Reeta” commenced Float Training July 2016 and her "Saddle Training" was interrupted by breeding later in 2016.


"Warrawee Senioreeta AHSA Extended Pedigree & Details"


 warrawee Highlight

** SOLD **

To Melissa Duniam

5th August 2014

Left the property for Tasmania 7.15 pm Thursday 7th August 2014


Heini     x     Warrawee Amoree

Photo Album

"Highlight"  arrived 12th January 2014.

Australian National Champion Arabian Warmblood Mare.

Australian National Champion Derivative Mare 4yrs and over exhibited by a Youth.

Australian National Champion Derivative Mare Bridle Path hack.

Top Ten Youth Novice Dressage Test.

AWF297  12 year old  16.1 HH Arabian Warmblood mare by Heini out of Warrawee Amoree.

Top/Valuable bloodlines- Purchased at a fraction of her real worth as - "Broodmare Only" due to neck injury.

"Highlight" is Microchipped & currently registered with the Arabian Horse Society ( AWF297) & The Equestrian Federation of Australia (No: 30042879)

"Highlight" has already produced two tall bay Arabian Warmblood foals by two different Sires --   "Rangeview Landstrom"   &   his son     "Warrawee Deecor"  


AHSA Extended Pedigree & Details




** SOLD **

To Elizabeth Fawns



16.2 hh

Photo Credit : Julie Wilson

Warrawee Versacee     x     Party Rose (ID 481026)

CA Clear  (Test Double Negative)

Practical Horse Genetics Genotyping Results - 18th November 2016


Photo Album

Video of  "Warrawee Versacee" - Sire of "Faberge"

Faberge first arrived at "Imoan" Wednesday 30th April 2014.

Faberge is an Exceptional Quality Anglo Arabian Mare 16.2 hh with good bone and a great body.

Faberge (known as "Missoni" in the hack ring) has multiple Top 10 awards at NSW Horse of The Year shows

placings at Royals under saddle & many Champion hack awards in just her first season as a ridden horse.

Suitable for HRCAV, Dressage or Pony Club or for someone wanting a top broodmare.

Faberge to-date has had two colt foals.

Foal 1.    Anglo Stallion  ( AS3660)  "Al-Kareeme Supersonic (Exp NZ)"  sired by  Anglo Stallion "Warrawee Grandee".

    Exported to NZ as a yearling and doing extremely well as a show horse.

Foal 2.    Arab/Warmblood Gelding (AWG831) "Napoleon AK"  sired by  Arabian/Warmblood Stallion  "Royal Hit (Imp DE)" (now deceased).

Foal 2 weaned May 2014.

(The two foals detailed above were produced by her previous owner)

Ridden Seldom in the last 12 months

"Faberge" did not, unfortunately "take" to my now deceased Stallion "Shouie".

Very athletic mare, can really move - ask the Kangaroo who recently was interested in her feed - with lots of education , but needs the knowledgeable work.

There is no reason why she cannot compete again


AHSA Extended Pedigree & Details