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F 8229

***  SOLD  ***

May 2006    

(Gaiful  with Foal 1994)

Gai Gold   x   Wellworth Delightful

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'Gaiful' was an easy breeding mare.  She was selected as a foundation mare for Imoan Arabians due to her pedigree, type, conformation and superb movement.  During her show career she has won numerous firsts and championships.

S.A Metropolitan 1983                                    Adelaide Show 1984            'A' Northern Division        Dandenong 'A' (Vic) 1987        1988 SEAHAC        1988 Berwick "A" (Vic)
                             Junior Champion, 1st Classic Head, 1st Led     1st & Reserve Champion       1st & Champion                 1st Brood mare                            1st Brood mare         1st & Champion

Gaiful is an impressive mare with eye-catching presence and movement.  She is a proven Brood Mare.  

Gaiful has had four (4) foals at Imoan Arabians by our stud stallion "Shou-Lin" - a filly  and three colts now geldings. 

  1. The filly Imoan Gai Shouzette was Sold in October 1999. 

  2. Imoan Shukran was trained to saddle in June 2003 and was Sold in May 2004 to continue his ridden career.

  3. Imoan Shuquero was trained to saddle May 2005 and he was Sold December 2006 to continue his ridden career. 

  4. Imoan Shurazz was Sold October 2004 to Lissy Verity and then onward Sold Overseas. He is currently competing in Endurance at F.E.I. Level for the U.A.E. 

The cross between Gaiful and Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat has been  particularly fruitful, producing correctly conformed, big smooth moving, short coupled horses with good type, temperament and presence.  Avonsleigh Khemasation (Gaiful's daughter) produced Gaiful's showy grand-daughter Imoan Khameerah, who was shown lightly with success.  Gaiful is the matriarch and she was retired from stud duties after 10 foals in her career because we thought she had done enough, however, she was looking and moving so well that she could be an asset to a young stud if she still has a foal or two left in her. 

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F  16252

 ***  SOLD  ***

  March 2005

(Marika, February 2001)

Amir El Shaklan   x   Olympia Park Felicity

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'Marika' has classic Arabian type, smooth movement, short coupled  with clean legs , strong shoulders and hind quarters.  She joined the stud in  late 1996 already in foal to Gai General.  She was selected as a brood mare based on her pedigree and the potential of her mating with our stud stallion. 'Marika' was shown with success as a youngster but a scarred leg marked a change in career plans.

While at the stud 'Marika' graced us with two well conformed Colts. Imoan Malikai (x Gai General) and Imoan Ishmael (x Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat). Both  boys were shown as Colts with success but were later gelded and trained to saddle. 'Malikai' is 14.3hh and 'Ishmael' is already over 15.3hh .   'Ishmael' has been retained by the stud for performance and endurance.  'Malikai' was SOLD in mid August 2003 to continue his training for a Dressage and Performance career.  

 'Marika' is trained to saddle , is a Blue Book Endurance mare and has already successfully completed several novice endurance training rides.

'Marika' was to return to the breeding program to be served by  our principal stud stallion  'Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat'. A change in the future direction of the stud meant that she was being wasted in the paddock and so Marika was very reluctantly made available for select sale in early 2005.

Marika was  SOLD   March 2005 to Neil Colbeck of Awarran Park Arabians and was transported to Tasmania where she will continue her career, refer to Awarran Park Arabians Web Page. 

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SBF 23345

***  SOLD  ***

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(Princess & Joshua January 2004)

Macho (Aus)  X  Bay Ling (Aus)

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"Princess" alias "Dana" was an 18 YO 15.3 hh Chestnut  ASB Thoroughbred Broodmare who gave birth on the 5th January 2004 to an Arabian Warmblood Colt foal named " Imoan Joshua" . Joshua was sired by the Arabian/Warmblood Stallion "Deveron Di Maggio".     "Princess" was an opportune purchase in December 2003 because of the foal she was carrying and for the potential to breed Anglos from our resident purebred stud stallion "Niarob Shou-Lin--El- Sadat". 

A change in stud direction resulted in her sale to continue her in a breeding program. She was returned to our stud stallion in late 2004 , was served and left the property in foal. 

She was due to foal down in September 2005.    



   Mach0 (AUS)

   King of Babylon (IRE)

   King of Tudors (IRE)

   Babylon (GB)

   Fiona (AUS)

   Star Kingdom (IRE)

   Lilting (AUS)

   Bay Ling (AUS)

   Knightly Manner (USA)

   Round Table (USA)

   Courtesy (USA)

   Pretty Gold (AUS)

   Tattenham (AUS)

   Grayling (AUS)







F 21684


***  SOLD  ***

  June 2007

Gleniph Royal Sovereign  X  Avondale Gai Silver

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"Goldie" is a 15.1hh  chestnut mare with flaxen mane.  She has an efficient, free flowing suspended movement and a very relaxed temperament.  She is a quick/easy learner and she is already a proven broodmare.  "Goldie" has top performance bloodlines and her pedigree includes Mustafa, Banderol , El Shaklan, Gai General , Akhu and Aethon.

"Goldie" entered the breeding program for the 2003/2004 season and she gave birth (10th October 2004) to a stunning long-legged Chestnut Filly ( Imoan Party Girl) at 11.30am to a packed audience (gave birth during my grand daughter's 3rd birthday party with all her young friends and parents present at our stud ) - the ultimate party trick. "Party Girl" by our stud stallion is to be retained and set for a ridden career.

"Goldie" was trained to saddle in April /May 2006 but she has had only very light work towards her saddle career. 

We have ceased breeding and have sold our breeding stock. We have dispersed all of our purebred broodmares, "Goldie" was the last to be sold.. We considered retaining her, but in late March 2007 we finally decided to sell her because we will be moving to a new property in the second half of 2007 and will retain only a handful of ridden horses.

"Goldie" has lots of potential and still has many years of either breeding or riding in her. She is an asset to any breeding program or as a ridden prospect requiring work by an experienced rider. 

Sold to continue in an Endurance Breeding Program

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*** FOR SALE ***


** SOLD **





 Warrawee Deecor     x     Warrawee Katareenah

"Reeta" Produced a Tall Chestnut Colt 9th October 2017 - the Last Foal by  "Shouie"

                               After birth                                                 Later in the day                              


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"Senioreeta" has Dual Registration with:

*   The Arabian Horse Society (AWF822)  

       *   The A.C.E. Group (A.C.E. 18245-10-V)   

Genotyping Results - CA Clear (Test Double Negative)

"Senioreeta" - AWB mare by Champion AWB Stallion "Warrawee Deecor" out of  the exquisite bred  Anglo Mare "Warrawee Katareenah" - by "Trystan Bobbi Dazzlah".

A big moving, athletic mare - she was allowed to "settle into" her new surroundings before commencing her training.

Half sister to superstar under saddle “Warrawee Mardee Gras” ACE registered.

"Reeta" turned 7 YO (Late December 2017) and in July 2016 she was ~ 15.2+hh.  She has a very confident temperament , learns quickly & she had NO prior saddle training. She represents an ideal "Blank Canvas" with lots of potential as a ridden horse.

She is a Proven Brood Mare bred by Warrawee stud, she moves well & with the "Dedicated Work" she will realize her true potential.

"Reeta" commenced Float Training July 2016 but "Saddle Training" was interrupted by breeding later in 2016.

Sold in September 2018, purchased by a  new owner 12 months later who  rode and worked with her. I am not sure of "Reeta's" ridden work prior to her second purchase but I believe she was trained to saddle and utilised in a few ridden disciplines including:

  • "Endurance" Training Rides

  • "Barrel Racing"

I repurchased "Reeta" in May 2020 when her then current owner notified me that she was for sale.

I do not believe "Reeta" is suitable for Endurance, but she is a proven Broodmare and more suited to Dressage.

My intention was for "Reeta" to  be used as a ridden mare with the possibility of breeding at a future date..

Neither the riding work nor additional breeding has occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other changes in circumstances.

"Reeta" is an exceptional broodmare & todate I have not ridden her, but I have checked with her previous owner who says she was OK - NO buck easy to saddle, but she did not like to be bridled. There ar a few people interested in her as a quiet ridden horse. I will need to ride her in the next week (today is 7th July 2022) to see how she handles.

I am prepared to sell "Reeta" - if she doesn't realize her potential because Imoan Arabians is ceasing commercial operations. Realistic Offers with the promise of a good home.

Email or Contact me Mobile: 0428386106 or Phone: 03 57861995 for further details.


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        Sarajevo Kei (AU)      x      Ennerdale Izabella (AU)


228 days in foal on Friday 5th August 2022

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