Photos of Mares Previously Owned

Inman Park Gaiful            Amira El Marika  

Avondale Golden Gem        Macho Princess

Summerzar Nandina        Summer Park Moninique

Forest Dale Superstition           Edenhope Chelsea

Warrawee Serenade            Warrawee Senioreeta

Warrawee Highlight           Al-Kareeme Faberge


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Inman Park Gaiful


                 wpe1.jpg (14120 bytes)                Rimg0147.jpg (242764 bytes)               
  (Gaiful, Summer 1998)            (Gaiful & Shurazz Nov 1999)               (Gaiful January 2001, 19YO)                    (Gaiful  with Foal 1994)             






Amira El Marika

    marika.jpg (51344 bytes)

(Amira El Marika Feb 2001)


MR1.6.jpg (22139 bytes) Marikaturn.JPG (154594 bytes) Marika Front.JPG (409149 bytes) Marikafull.JPG (207700 bytes) Rimg0025mr.jpg (227872 bytes) MR1.8.jpg (28889 bytes) Rimg0018mr.jpg (228240 bytes)
(Amira El Marika Jan 2002)




Avondale Golden  Gem



(Goldie 5YO)

(Goldie 7YO)

(Goldie 8YO)


January  2007
RIMG0029.JPG (83288 bytes)

Filly "Party Girl" 10/10/2004

Goldie Background & "Party Girl"
goldie caity portrait 001.jpg (30141 bytes)   
Goldie & Foal
"Party Girl"   

January  2007





Macho Princess


(Princess  January  2004)

 Rimg1066.jpg (130496 bytes)                                                     





"Dina" with Warmblood Foal by "Ego Camelot" born 16/12/2008


"Dina" shortly after arrival at Stud October 2009 



"Dina"   Well in Foal  16th April 2010 



summer park moninique



Sharon Meyers & Tracey Keller Photos 

Filly Foal Born 10.30am 19th January 2011 a few hours old.



Photos courtesy Jodie Luck






Photos courtesy Marie Hutchison






Above photos courtesy Ivelise Roic







Warrawee serenade




Above Photos Provided Courtesy of Warrawee Arabians

August 2014


Photos below taken 3rd July 2015  with "Warrawee Senioreeta"





Warrawee  Senioreeta


Below 2 photos taken prior to Purchase in October 2013


(Photos: Sharon Meyers)

Above (2) Photos Provided Courtesy of Warrawee Arabian


April 2014 




August 2014





October 2017




Warrawee  highlight



Australian National Champion Arabian Warmblood Mare.

Australian National Champion Derivative Mare 4yrs and over exhibited by a Youth.

Australian National Champion Derivative Mare Bridle Path hack.

Top Ten Youth Novice Dressage Test.


Above Photos Provided Courtesy of Warrawee Arabian




                  April 2014


Al-Kareeme Faberge


Photo by Julie Wilson

Faberge (known as "Missoni" in the hack ring) in just her first season as a ridden horse achieved

Multiple Top 10 Awards at NSW Horse of The Year shows

Placings at Royals under saddle


Many Champion Hack awards .


August 2014            




                                                              15th September 2014                                                                   


July 2015 

 Click for Larger Photo        


        Photos below were rushed and taken between hail stone & heavy rain at the request of interested parties.

Faberge was hastily removed from the paddock, rug removed , limited cleaning/grooming and photos quickly made before the next deluge.

Not enough room in the stall, under cover, to get good representative pictures .

"Feed was available so Faberge was in no way worried ".





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