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      Imoan Shuquero  * FILLIES
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     Imoan Malikai  * Imoan Party Girl  *
      Imoan Joshua  *  
     Sun Hill Sadhu  #  
      Cavalli Park Romeo  #  







F 21303


(SEAHAC 1998)

Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat  x  Avonsleigh Khemasation

Photo Album

'Khameerah' was a reflection of elegance, type and conformation.  She was shown lightly as a yearling and never unplaced - a first and two placing's.

1998 Victorian Classic
1st Yearling Filly
Yarra Valley 'A' Show 1998
2nd Yearling Filly
3rd Yearling Futurity
She displays long floating movements, excellent conformation, length of neck and legs with short back and cannons. 
This tall filly is a reflection of her bloodlines; Khemosabi, Nile, Mustafa, Tallangatta Muftakher, Desert Pride and triple Gainey crosses. 

Khameerah was Sold October 1999 to Leigh Jamieson - Seven Oaks Arabians and has been a very successful Broodmare.

Khameerah passed away June 2020 leaving a legacy of superb endurance progeny.


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F 21304


(Yarra Valley 'A' Show 1998)

Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat   x   Inman Park Gaiful

Photo Album

'Shouzette' should  mature to approximately 15hh.  She has been bred to perform. She elicits, excellent type and temperament, smooth flowing movement, short back and cannons. 

Her correct conformation, temperament and bloodlines will ensure that she excels at any discipline.  She was shown once for a place at Yarra Valley 'A' Grade Show 1998.

Her bloodlines include; Nile, Mustafa, Tallangatta Muftakher, Desert Pride and double Gainey crosses. 

Shouzette was Sold October 1999 to Leigh Jamieson - Seven Oaks Arabians and has been a very successful Broodmare.


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Rimg0001.jpg (134384 bytes)
(August 2003)

Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat   x   Inman Park Gaiful

Photo Album

'Shukran' was a top performance prospect.  He was a stunning gelding that inherited a unique blend of looks from both his Sire and Dam.  Shukran was bred for performance, both ridden and in the ring!  

At 6 years of age and 15hh Shukran typified the equine athlete; clean, well boned legs, short cannons, strong shoulders, powerful hind quarters, deep girth and defined musculature.

These attributes  have combined well, resulting in excellent conformation and smooth, suspended movement with a "Ground Covering" powerful "Arm Chair" canter.

His strengths are founded in his quality ancestry; Nile (Mustafa), Tallangatta Muftakher (Royal Domino), Desert Pride and  Gainey lines.  

Shukran was trained to saddle in June 2003. He commenced light work as part of his ongoing education and conditioning. 

Shukran was Sold May 2004 to continue his ridden career.



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shuqavi2..jpg (17816 bytes)
(June 2003)

Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat   x   Inman Park Gaiful

Photo Album


'Shuquero' is the product of Imoan Arabians' 3rd cross of our stallion 'Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat' with 'Inman Park Gaiful'.

'Shuquero' has a strong suspended 'ground covering ' trot, collected/efficient canter and classic Arabian type. 'Shuquero' is power, agility and elegance. 

He exhibits his parents classic type and his Sires great temperament. He is a combination of both parents producing a short coupled horse around 15hh , good length of rein, strong muscle and solid bone development.  

'Shuquero' was trained to saddle (May 2005) , was 'foal-imprinted' at birth, well handled, trained to halter, easy to trim, drench , vaccinate and float. He has spent all his life in the hills of Pakenham Upper in West Gippsland.  

A  good prospective performance gelding ready to seriously commence a saddle career. 

Shuquero was Sold December 2006


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SR1.12.jpg (281943 bytes)
(Summer 2002)

Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat  x  Inman Park Gaiful

Photo Album

Shurazz exhibits qualities characteristic of both brothers before him (Imoan Shukran & Imoan Shuquero).  He is an elegant gelding with his own blend of classy looks, good conformation and powerful muscles.  

Shurazz exhibits flexibility and athleticism.  As a 4YO he has still got some growing to do, is not as short coupled as his older brothers but he can really move! Currently just over 14.2 hh and expected to mature  to 14.3 - 15hh.

Shurazz was offered for sale to someone who could realise his potential and provide him with the opportunities to prove his abilities in a performance or halter career. A real investment as a youngster. 

Shurazz was Sold  October 2004  and then subsequently onward Sold Overseas.

Shurazz  Sold Overseas and competing in F.E.I. Endurance events for the U.A.E.


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(Ishmael Yarra Ranges March 2003)

Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat   x   Amira El Marika

Photo Album                       Ride Results

Ishmael is just a tad under 16hh with classic Arabian type coupled with a powerful correct conformation. 

Ishmael is short coupled with deep shoulders, deep girth, powerful hind quarters, strong boned legs & has a very competitive attitude

Ishmael displays excellent paces, especially a very powerful extended trot allowing him to cover ground fast and efficiently.

Ishmael's Sire is Yellow Log Book Qualified Endurance.

Ishmael was shown lightly as a Colt with success before being gelded, used as a personal ridden horse & was part of the Endurance Team.

He commenced his ridden education in late 2002 & his brief endurance career at Yarra Ranges in March 2003.  He was campaigned lightly until late 2005.

 My personal health circumstances (Owner/Rider) saw him  miss the next three and a half years (through no fault of his) standing around in the paddock - missing the golden years of preparation/competition.

Ishmael temporarily recommenced "Barefoot" in September 2009 doing successful Endurance Training rides at Beechworth & Bright with no real (very limited) preparation.

Ishmael requires a strong, experienced & confident rider who knows him well and how he will react in circumstances under saddle. He is extremely Competitive, Pulls & wants to be in Front.

Well Mannered & Easy to Handle "On Ground".

Back to Light Work in 2016 for the old boy's.

AERA Blue Novice Horse Log Book : IMO32683

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G  19600


malikaifront.jpg (194933 bytes)
(Winter 2002)

Gai General (Imp USA)   x   Amira El Marika

Photo Album

Malikai is 14.3hh.  He has expressive movement, notably a large suspended trot and smooth impulsive canter.  Malikai has looks and movement to impress coupled with a great temperament. 

His short back and cannons, length of leg and neck, deep shoulders and girth, powerful hind quarters and a dynamic mix of bloodlines will ensure that he is a horse that will always be noticed.

Berwick Agricultural Show 1998
1st Yearling Colt

Malikai is an exquisite blend of Gainey lines crossed with  El Shaklan, Nile (Mustafa) Estopa and Naadirah. Malikai was broken to saddle and was in training/light work prior to being Sold.

 Sold  July 2003 to further his dressage education and his ridden career.


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G 20726


wpe6.jpg (10059 bytes)
(Sadaq Rising 2YO)

Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat   x   Wealdbarns Mardi

Photo Album

'Sadaq' is a magnificent bay GELDING bred to perform.  He was 14.2hh.  He is extremely athletic and very free moving.  He has a dynamic collected canter and a long floating trot.  He also exhibits speed, agility and flexibility. 
His Sire and Dam are both qualified endurance horses . His Dam bred by Erica Williams is related to Natsu (3rd Place World Endurance Championships) and she was the AERA 4th Junior Distance & Points Horse for 2002 with 960Klms. Sadaq bloodlines include; Nile (Mustafa), double Tallangatta Muftakher (Royal Domino) and double Gai General crosses.

Sadaq has acquired those aspects vital for success; length of rein, strong clean legs, deep shoulders and girth, short back and cannons and strong powerful hind quarters.   He is an excellent performance prospect.

Sadaq was unbroken when  Sold  April  2004.

April 2006 Update

Karinn Liedler (now Karinn Panuccio -Sadaq's current owner) notified me in April 2006 that Sadaq went to his first "A" class show in Queensland and under saddle. That day he received one 1st and 2 x 2nds a 3rd and a 4th, as well as 2 Reserve Champion sashes under saddle. This was his first Major competition and has qualified him for the Aussie Championships in Sydney next year. His next major competition is the Arabian Gala Event on the Gold Coast and the Pan Pacific (as a newcomer).

August 2006 Update

Sadaq was recently shown at the Brisbane Royal where he was Third in his Led and Reserve Champion in his Saddle class.

In the Gala Event on the Gold Coast Sadaq won every class he entered. He is now going to Sydney for the Arabian Saddle Horse Championships and then the National Stud Book show in November.



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G  19598


( Summer 98/99)

Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat   x   Clearvue Magic

Photo Album

'Shouzaar' was one of Imoan Arabians first foals. Shouzaar was confident, and quick to learn.  He was bred for performance, and his short coupling, strong shoulders, bone and hind quarters will ensure a comfortable, sound and powerful ride. His bloodlines reflect his movement, looks and performance foundation; Sindh, Nile, Tallangatta Muftakher, Mustafa and Rami Sash winner Ashib Al Zana.

Shouzaar was  Sold October 1999.


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AWG 348


Deveron Di Maggio   x   Macho Princess (ASB)

Photo Album



Arabian/Warmblood gelding.  

Sire: Deveron Di Maggio (Arabian/Warmblood)    Dam: Macho Princess (ASB)

The stud purchased Joshua's dam (because she was in foal to Deveron Di Maggio a son of Deveron Duvall) a short while before she gave birth.

This purchase was based on his sire's pedigree and reputation as a proven breeder of performance horses as well as his Dam's conformation

Joshua is a powerful horse bred to perform .He was already just on 16hh as a 2YO. 

Joshua would be best suited as a ridden sports horse and his breeding and conformation suggest he would be suited to various disciplines like (Dressage, Jumping, Eventing , etc). 

Joshua is a powerful well conformed horse who will commence his training in earnest late in 2007.  

Joshua was Sold 2nd October 2008 to continue his saddle training, education and performance career.

Joshua has turned out to be an excellent show jumper - nicknamed "Brass Razzo"


Videos of "Imoan Joshua" nicknamed "Brass Razzo" in Jumping 2013

1. Combined Training Day 2013

2. Combined Training Jumping


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F 27014



Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat   x   Avondale Golden Gem

'Caitie' holds a very special place at the stud. Nicknamed after our granddaughter Caitlin since she was born and 'foal imprinted' on and at her third birthday party in front of a crowd.  

'Caitie' has become a Stunning Chestnut Filly with Flaxen Mane & Tail (similar to her Dam: Avondale Golden Gem) suitable for the Show Ring or a Ridden Career. She  is long-legged ,well muscled and she is currently  ~14.3hh. She is a stunning filly with a powerful floating trot , graceful , smooth and efficient with a very competitive nature yet well behaved. She is a filly with excellent conformation who would be exceptional in either showing or Performance. 

"Caitie" was allowed to mature and grow.   Trained to Saddle July 2009

"Caitie" has top Endurance Bloodlines. "Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat" is a Yellow Log Book Endurance Horse  & "Avondale Golden Gem" has Proven Endurance Bloodlines

Her Pedigree includes ( Mustafa , Royal Domino, Aethon, Shahzada, Akhu,  Sindh , Gai General, El Shaklan). 

"Caitie" has been sold to Helen Spencer of Ararat, Victoria. Helen is an accomplished and experienced Endurance Rider and she will prepare/condition "Caitie" for her endurance/performance career.

Look for the team of Helen Spencer & "Caitie" around the Rides and Arenas in the future.

22nd May 2011 - Helen & "Caitie" completed their 3rd Qualifying Ride at Rushworth

Imoan Party Girl is now a Yellow Log Book Endurance Horse

Photo album Updated with Dressage Day May 2011       

Photo Album 


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Arabian Warmblood 75+% Arabian

** FOR SALE **

9th October 2017                                       16th January 2018                                         21st April 2019     


  "Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat"   x  "Warrawee Senioreeta"       

Late 2021


AHSA Extended Pedigree & Details

Photos to be Updated shortly (August 2022)

"Sammie" is the last foal born to our Endurance Qualified Stallion "Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat"  
"Sammie" commenced training to halter & handling of his feet in May 2019. He is progressing very well with "Natural" Training Techniques using Verbal  & Touch Reinforcement.
Samuel has a big impressive classic extended trot, fluid canter, and stunning gallop. Samuel is very well suited to multiple "disciplines".
Samuel is a star in the making, and he has been left to grow and "fill out", but he needs experienced handling, and education in order to reach his massive potential.

"Sammie"(nickname, now registered) is a very impressive "Mover" showing lots of ridden potential.
"Sammie" is currently paddocked with "Imoan Ishmael" ( the paddock boss) who is assisting with educations.

In June 2022 he measured 16hh+ & in that same month "Imoan Samuel" was Registered with AHSA - AWS1001 Arabian Warmblood Stallion.
"Sammie" has his first foal due late in 2022 by "Brynddu Matiz"

I have endeavoured all these years to breed a particular "Type" of horse - Samuel is that Classic "Type".



Owner - Mary Hughes  (0356 284 195)  "Sun Hill"    NEERIM, VIC 


joy foal 1.jpg (601447 bytes) sadhu & mitch.jpg (506073 bytes) joy foal 4.jpg (476815 bytes) joy foal 3.jpg (568448 bytes) joy foal 2.jpg (597394 bytes)

     Sadhu 6mth.jpg (235854 bytes)     

   Sadhu 6 Months & 12hh     


Yearling Birthday 



( Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat   x   Peppermint Springs Joy )

 Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat    Niarob Anwar El Sadat    Nile
   Sharahd Shilaan
   Al Meraine Gai Lee    Gai General (Imp USA)
   Al Meraine Leah
 Peppermint Springs Joy           Santarabia Kazar        Ruberto    
    Santarabia Kazimera   
  Bonney Belle        NRF19968    







Romeo 250508_3.jpg (111118 bytes)

Anglo Arabian FRC

75% Purity




(Owner is Kim Pulvirenti of Anakie, Victoria)

All Photos provided by Kim Pulvirenti



Foal Photos

Romeo_Mia 020108_4.jpg (96082 bytes)     Romeo_Kim 281207_1.jpg (115648 bytes)    Romeo_121007.JPG (86994 bytes)    Romeo 271007_1.jpg (134470 bytes)    Romeo 200108_6.jpg (106023 bytes)    Romeo 200108_4.jpg (104363 bytes)   Romeo 031107_4 smaller.jpg (523647 bytes)    Romeo 140108_2 smaller.jpg (716236 bytes)


Older ( ~ Yearling ) Photos 

Romeo 020308_5.jpg (132166 bytes)       Mia_Romeo 021108_14.jpg (70748 bytes)              Mia_Romeo 021108_10.jpg (82536 bytes)       Romeo 150208_2.jpg (121758 bytes)   


According to Kim "Romeo" looks like his Sire and should be a big boy. He is already just over 14hh - 6/01/2009.



   "Natural" Clinic January 2010       Loss of first baby tooth January 2010


He does look just like his Dad - Go to Stallion Page and Photographs to compare


Photos below taken 24th February 2010 while having lesson from Carlos

"Romeo" is now 15hh and Growing.




Photos below taken on Saturday 20th March 2010 when I finally visited Kim and Romeo at Anakie and one shot at Majorca Ride 7th March

Kim Pulvirenti is doing a fantastic job with "Romeo", I deliberately adopted some threatening postures and "Romeo" was just not phased.





( Niarob Shou-Lin--El-Sadat   x   Cavalli Park Romance )



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